यह शर्मनाक खबर है कि कांग्रेस दंगाई नवरीत की मौत के बारे में झूठ फैला रही है

In a disgraceful presentation of political advantage, the Congress party keeps on beating the dead pony with respect to the sad demise of an agitator named Navreet Singh during the Republic Day viciousness after his farm truck upset. The protestor was killed on Republic Day after his farm vehicle turned turtle while he was attempting to break blockades. Before long, a few media entryways, columnists and lawmakers began selling the phony news that Navreet Singh kicked the bucket of a projectile physical issue after Delhi police shot him.

Delhi police had given an explanation before long expressing that the protestor passed on of wounds supported by him after his farm vehicle turned turtle. Delhi police’s explanation was affirmed by the after-death report of the perished protestor that expressed that he had kicked the bucket of “shock and discharge because of antemortem head injury”. FIRs were documented in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh against a few people including ‘writer’ Rajdeep Sardesai and senior Congress pioneer Shashi Tharoor for spreading counterfeit data on Republic Day in regards to the demise of Navreet Singh.

Priyanka Gandhi taking a gander at another Hathras second

In an exemplary instance of political advantage, Priyanka Gandhi alongside other Congress pioneers left for Rampur in Uttar Pradesh to meet Navreet’s family members. However, in absolute dismissal for truth, the Congress party keeps on selling the account that Navreet Singh passed on in the wake of being shot by the Delhi police. This is in opposition to the dissection reports and the specialists’ marked assertion that there were no projectile wounds. Numerous FIRs have likewise been recorded against different people including Congress pioneer Shashi Tharoor and India Today representative Rajdeep Sardesai for spreading the misrepresentation. Regardless of this, Congress is proceeding to shamelessly lie and stir up strain in a generally unstable situation. In an obvious exertion to additionally politicize the issue, Congress scion Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will meet the group of Navreet Singh as educated by UP Congress President Ajay Kumar Lallu.

Vehicles in Priyanka Gandhi’s procession slammed into one another, no wounds revealed

The vehicles in her procession supposedly crashed into each other while en route to Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. In any case, no wounds have been reported. The different malevolent layers of the rancher fight that at first seemed, by all accounts, to be veritable unsettling against the homestead laws passed by the focal government to present changes in the agrarian area, have begun to strip off since the awful Republic Day viciousness. The entire connivance that clearly has worldwide associations was uncovered yesterday after environment naturalist Greta Thunberg incidentally uncovered the evil worldwide mission against India by tweeting the ‘toolbox’ of the arrangement.

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