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Pinging your website on free ping submission sites enables the search engines to become aware of your website’s new keywords and value-driven content. After submitting, your site on free ping submission sites the search engines will crawl and index your content then rank it. Whenever you make changes in a site or a page on it the search engines need to re-index it while considering what’s been added to it; pinging is just the demonstration of stepping up to the plate and telling the web crawlers that they have to investigate a few changes you have performed previously. There are several ping submission services available for free. Make sure that you don’t overdo it, this can penalize your website on search engines that might have an inverse effect on your ranking and website reputation.

You can get advantage of pinging in different ways. First of all, the speed at which your content gets indexed by web crawlers directs how soon it will show up in web search results when users search for the keywords relevant to it. This implies pinging your website and its pages guarantees that your substance ends up accessible for the customers sooner than it would be normally will help you to get more visitors.

How To Ping Your Website

Ping is a very simple and easy process, it very easy to do. You just need to through the free ping submission sites and submit your website URL to which you want to ping. These sites will rapidly ping your URL to many sites automatically. Pinging should be done when you launch a new website and whenever you update your site with new content. Other than pinging your blog links, you can also ping the other content you create such as videos you place on Youtube or any other channel and the article you published on article directories, etc.

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How Does Pinging Works?

There is a number of website publishing platforms that have an in-built pinging tool such as WordPress. In these kinds of publishing platforms pinging is turned on by default and pings go out from one ping server which updates server search engines. You can also tell a ping server that you have refreshed your content manually by going through to their site and presenting your blog’s name and URL.

You can find several popular pinging servers over the internet that enable you to ping your site to different servers. Once your blog or website pings on these servers it then notifies a number of search engines that your blog or website has been updated. Many of these search engines also have their own ping servers as well. These search engines would then be able to refresh their listing with new content immediately. This, obviously, will give you single direction backlinks to your blog from these search engines, many of which have a high Google PageRank.

Things To Consider While Doing Ping

  1. If you tend to post your blog and, then you re-compose the post frequently you might want to ensure you only ping when you actually post new content, not on updates. If you are utilizing WordPress there are a couple of plugins that ensure that pings are possibly sent when a post is made.
  2. Only ping when you have refreshed content. Otherwise, your website may be blacklisted as a spam blog, also called a splog.
  3. It’s a smart thought to ping various ping services, particularly the ones that inform search engines. Try not to overdo it. Ensure that if you are pinging a niche search engine that your blog falls into the relevant niche.
  4. Ensure that if a search engine is notified by a ping server you are already utilizing that you don’t include that search engine owns ping services to your list of servers to ping. Since blog spammers have manhandled ping servers if you are pinging search engines multiple times your webpage may wind up being blacklisted, and not show up in the web indexes.

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